Traveling Across Americas: Routes, Costs and General Impressions

Planning your first trip to the USA consider visiting several cities located along the same "line". These are cities located in the same state, cities located along the key routes or cities located along the coast. Washington, New York and Boston are ideal for your first trip to the USA. These cities are conveniently located along the Atlantic coast so you can easily get from one city to another by car. Having visited all three cities you can definitely say that you have seen nearly half of American symbols. Next time you can explore the Pacific coast – the other legendary part of the USA: San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas…

But let's return to Washington, District of Columbia. It's better to plan a trip to the capital of the USA using the interactive map of the sights where you can find top Washington D.C. neighborhoods you might want to visit. We recommend travelers to stay at a hotel in Georgetown, a very picturesque and cozy neighborhood with rich history. Some of its areas differ much from other neighborhoods and resemble old England. In addition, it is considered the best place to shop in Washington because of a great variety of stores located there.

Another great place to stay in Washington is Capitol Hill. Dupont Circle is an interesting spot which is very popular among the tourists. This area is also part of the historic downtown and it is the entertainment center of city, with a number of galleries, cafes, restaurants and night clubs offering tons of activities for guests of Washington. You can find more affordable accommodation options in the suburbs and you won't have problems getting to the downtown as the city boasts one of the best transportation systems in the world.

Not far from Washington is the state of New Jersey nicknamed as the Garden State. It is also known as "small America" as here you can see a great symbiosis of beautiful gardens, manufacturing agglomerations and nature reserves. Eastern part of the state boasts a number of resort areas where you can find the best New Jersey Activities.

Many people dream about celebrating their winter holidays in top Christmas Destinations in the USA. In fact, great many travelers flock to New York which literally drowns in the holiday lights. In addition to seeing classic New York sights travelers can go to the skating rink in the Central Park, see the tallest Christmas tree in America at Rockefeller Center and gaze at remarkable holiday window displays. Of course, such vacation is not going to be cheap.

Those who love shopping on vacation had better schedule their trips during seasonal sales. In the U.S. sales begin in the late November and last through Christmas, with the prices dropping dramatically.

You may finish your Christmas travel across the USA in warm states where you can have a break from winter cold. The sun, sand and ocean are ideal to finish your winter tour. If you love surfing we advise to visit County of Santa Cruz - as it is the place where surfing was born on the continent.

Christmas vacation is always associated with significant costs, so make sure you plan your trip right! To save money on travel, it makes sense to plan your trip in advance. Airfare is going to be your major spending so consider booking your flight tickets in advance. Do remember to monitor special deals offered by the airlines. From time to time they run sales that will enable you to book cheap flights.

The first trip to South America and Caribbean Pool! Beaches, deserts, ancient settlements, islands, archeological sites, wildlife reserves, incredible people and animals. What part of the blessed tropical continent to explore first? Are you dreaming about an unforgettable vacation with memories that make your heart beat faster? Make a detailed plan of your route and we will try to help you.

What part of South America to visit? Of course, Brazil, with its crazy carnivals in Rio de Janeiro, untamed jungles of the Amazon, famous beaches Ipanema and Copacabana, award-winning hotels, gourmet food and world class football. The country has over 2000 beaches and about 1000 islands in the Atlantic Ocean to offer to travelers. This is real paradise for those who love ecotourism as well as travelers who favor beach vacation.

Another paradise on our list is Barbados, namely its capital Bridgetown. This island could be ranked as the most optimistic place on the earth. Life is carefree here: seasonal hurricanes never reach Barbados, the sun shines all year round and rich harvests of sugar cane ensure that quality rum highly rated worldwide is being produced. People don't hurry. Well, where can you hurry if you are in paradise?

If you would like to experience unforgettable vacation consider visiting "The Island of Freedom" – Cuba. It is believed that one can find the secret of unconditional happiness in this poor socialist country. And this is nearly true: the Cubans are known for their ability to live and be happy "here and now", they look natural and can remain who they are. Visit the country's capital – Havana to see that the Cubans are not shy: they stare at the passers-by from their balconies and swirl in religious ecstasy, dance salsa without feeling embarassed about revealing their emotions!

At the end of our little story we would like to focus on a very important aspect for a traveler – travel insurance. Make sure you get a travel insurance, even if the country doesn't require this! Life is more precious than money, plus getting medical assistance if needed can be much more expensive than the cost of the insurance policy. Good luck!